Fixing a shelf to plasterboard

A common theme across our review portfolio, is the GeeFix plasterboard fixing’s market niche. As one recent reviewer on Amazon puts it, the GeeFix is “not for just any hanging, but when you’ve got a load to hand, there is no competitor to GeeFix out there.” Certainly overkill for small installations, such as picture hooks, the GeeFix fixings offer the most reliable anchoring mechanism for heavy duty items in the absence of studwork.

A customer in the United States contacted us with photographs of a beautiful moon-shaped shelf he was mounting in his baby’s bedroom. The shelf-system, from upscale US furniture chain, Pottery Barn Kids came with the below small self-drill fixings:

Self drill fixings

The customer didn’t feel the anchors offered sufficient support for the shelf and so opted to use a GeeFix plasterboard fixing instead, in conjunction with a fixing point into the studwork.

The shelf is photographed firmly anchored to the plasterboard (or “drywall” as they say across the pond) and he says he doesn’t worry about the anchor point loosening with movement / agitation over time, that comes with normal use of shelving units.

moon shaped shelf

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