Mounting TVs on Plasterboard Review

TV Mounting on Plasterboard
We are always interested to hear how the GeeFix cavity wall fixings perform on the job, and we appreciate those customers that drop us a line to share photographs of how GeeFix has helped them solve the age old problem of securing heavy items to walls in the absence of studwork. We received some fantastic feedback from Richard, a customer who has recently completed work on a large barn conversion. Richard had this to say about the GeeFix fixings:

“I have been working on a large converted barn for a customer. The plaster board is mainly dabbed, no timber work. I had real issues mounting TVs, sound bars, projector screens etc. I have used your fixing all over the house and it works brilliantly!”

You can see from the photographs that the GeeFix fixings have been used to secure some pretty heavy (and high end!) equipment to the barn walls and the result is fantastic. The strength of the fixings lies in the load bearing surface area of the back-plate that is inserted into the cavity wall – surpassing leading wall anchor brands such as GripIt and Toggler in shear, tensile and cantilever load bearing capabilities.

Plasterboard Wall TV Mount
Plaster Board TV Mounting Geefix

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