Suitable for wide range of materials, quick and simple to fit, and with unrivalled strength, GeeFix is the ultimate cavity plasterboard fixing for heavy items.

Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions, but if you have a specific query that’s not answered here just email us and we’ll get back to you.
How much weight can a GeeFix fixing support?

Independent load tests revealed that GeeFix outperforms all other heavy-duty cavity wall fixings on the market. The GeeFix fixings were tested for shear, tensile and cantilever strength capabilities on 15mm plasterboard. The below maximum load-testing figures are provided as guides only and cannot be guaranteed. The age, condition and capacity of base materials must be considered:

Load Test Maximum weight (kgs)
Shear 270
Tensile 71
Cantilever @ 75 mm 243
Cantilever @ 150 mm 192
Cantilever @ 300 mm 102


How long does it take to install a GeeFix?

A first-time user can install each GeeFix in about a minute. Once you’re familiar with the anchor it can take as little as 40 seconds!

Will GeeFix work with insulated plasterboard?

Yes. Each GeeFix wall anchor comes with three screws and these are suitable for fixing to all types of plasterboard including insulated. However GeeFix is compatible with materials as thin as 3mm and up to a maximum thickness of 75mm.

 Do I have to fit the GeeFix to whatever cupboard or bracket I’m fixing before I attach it to the wall? 

No. Unlike umbrella- style fixings you don’t have to feed the final fixing bolt through whatever you’re fixing beforehand so it’s much easier to use. You can also remove whatever you’ve just mounted if you wish. Unlike umbrella and similar fixings the retainer will not fall down the cavity.

I want to fit shelves inside my caravan. Is GeeFix suitable?

Yes. GeeFix is ideal because it requires a minimum cavity of only 30mm. Most caravan interiors are made from hardboard and GeeFix will work with materials as thin as 3mm.  Of course the strength of any fixing is ultimately determined by the strength of the material you’re fixing into. Please check this before you start!

Can GeeFix be used with vapour barriers?

Yes. Just make sure that you use a stop on your drill to prevent perforation of the plastic barrier. Don’t use screws that are longer than you need.

Some other fixings require a special tool. What do I need to install GeeFix

An electric or manual drill with a 25mm bit or hole cutter and a screwdriver. That’s it!

Can I use different screws that will match the decor in my room with GeeFix

Yes. A benefit of GeeFix is that you can use any 5mm screw in the central hole. So, depending on what you want to fix, you can choose countersunk, dome head, plated, brass, stainless steel, chrome or black. Any screw that is 5mm size and long enough to work with the thickness of the material you’re fixing into will be fine.
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