Fixing a TV to a Plasterboard Wall

How to fix a TV to a plasterboard wall? Fixing a heavy TV to a plasterboard wall is easy with Geefix. Our GeeFix plasterboard fixings are the ideal choice for fixing a large flat screen TV onto plasterboard. They are engineered to maximize the surface area of the load bearing back plate that’s inserted into the wall cavity.

GeeFix is a versatile plasterboard fixing with unrivalled strength. The fixings are suitable for all types of plasterboard, plywood, hardboard, chipboard, MDF and even sheet metal. GeeFix is the ideal fixing for mounting radiators, towel rails, ceiling fans as well as TV wall brackets.

With GeeFix you can fix it once and fix it right. Each packet contains 4 fixings. Take a look at our video below to see how easy it is fixing a TV to a plasterboard wall.


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