How to re-fix and repair failed plasterboard fixings

GeeFix fixings are not only of unrivalled strength, but can also be used to repair an installation where another type of fixing has failed.

failed plasterboard fixing








1. Remove the installation and the original fixing then fold in the failed plasterboard. Place a guide, made from an off cut of wood, over the centre of the failed hole. Re-drill using a 25mm hole saw.

Step 1- Repair Failed Plasterboard Fixing








2. Insert the GeeFix . Pull on the blue nylon cord and tighten the centre screw.

Step 2 - Repair Failed Plasterboard Fixing








3. Pull out the nylon cord and fix the 2 side retaining screws. Remove the centre screw. Pull away the loose plasterboard. Make good with polyfilla.

Step 3 - Repair Failed Plasterboard Fixing








4. Using the centre screw re-fix the item.

Step 4 - Fixed Failed Plasterboard Fixing











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