Fixing heavy shelves to plasterboard walls


GeeFix Fixings used to hold 20kg shelves and hooks

Adam Gower was impressed with our plasterboard fixings. He emailed us the picture below saying “All arrived – really impressed with the product. Thank you! Using some of them to hold up the 20kg shelves and hooks”

20kg Shelves

About GeeFix

GeeFix was invented by a plumbing and heating engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the trade. We are proud that not only was GeeFix designed and developed in the UK, but that it is also manufactured in Shropshire supporting local industry and British business.

It was developed with the aim of creating a fixing which would secure heavy items to plasterboard/drywall walls. The interiors of modern homes are constructed from studwork and plasterboard so that GeeFix is the ideal product for fixing those heavy objects to cavity walls. TVs, radiators, towel rails, shelving, cabinets, cupboards, mirrors, curtain rails ……… just some of the many items that can be securely fixed to plasterboard with our fixings.

These hollow wall fixings can also be used to refix an object to a plasterboard wall where a different type of fixing has failed. For example, where a radiator has come away from a wall, a GeeFix fixing can be installed in the same position as the failed fixing and so often reduce the amount of work necessary to repair plasterboard.

Can be adapted for use with smaller objects, such as bathroom accessories, where fixing holes are close together. In these instances, one fixing can be used to secure the item by using the length of the backplate in the cavity for additional fixing points.

How to Fix Shelves to Plasterboard Walls?

Below is a step-by-step image gallery showing how to use heavy duty plasterboard fixings GeeFix.

GeeFix Plasterboard Fixings
Step 1

Drill a 1” hole centered on your desired location

GeeFix Plasterboard Fixings
Step 2

Assemble your GeeFix wall anchor system as shown above by threading the supplied blue pullcord through the round wall plug, the curved back plate, and back through the wall plug.

GeeFix Plasterboard Fixings
Step 3

While holding onto the pullcord, feed the curved back plate into the hole and center on the 1″ hole

GeeFix Plasterboard Fixings
Step 4

While keeping light tension on the pullcord slide the wall plug into the 1″ hole to align with the holes on the back plate

GeeFix Plasterboard Fixings
Step 5

While keeping firm tension on the pullcord, screw the large screw into the center hole until the GeeFix becomes firm, but do not overtighten. Keeping tension on the pullcord will keep the back plate in place during installation.

GeeFix Plasterboard Fixings
Step 6

Pull out the pullcord but do not discard. You can use the same pullcord on additional GeeFix installations.

GeeFix Plasterboard Fixings
Step 7

Insert the 2 smaller screws on either side of the large screw and tighten until the GeeFix is firmly secured but do not overtighten.

GeeFix Plasterboard Fixings
Step 8

Remove the center screw

GeeFix Plasterboard Fixings
Step 9

Now that your GeeFix system is installed, you can either use the center screw to fix your item, or use your own mounting hardware in its place.