Wattle and daub

What is wattle and daub?

Wattle and daub is a building material used for making walls, in which a woven lattice of wooden  strips called wattle is daubed with sticky material usually made of a combination of wet soil, clay, animal dung and straw. Many historical buildings include wattle and daub in construction.

Wattle and Daub








Curtain Rail






Wattle and Daub building










Which are the best fixings to use when mounting radiators, shelving, cupboards, TVs and other heavy items?

GeeFix cavity wall plasterboard fixings provide a really strong and secure fixing on to wattle and daub plaster walls.


Geefix Plasterboard Fixing







Method of installation

To drill a hole, use a holesaw, as opposed to a flatbit/spade bit which tends to shatter the wattle and daub.

Insert the fixing into the cavity.

Holding onto the pull cords, position the back plate vertically, so that the back plate spans onto the intact horizontal wooden strips/wattle.

Insert the centre screw while pulling on the nylon cords. This stops the back plate rotating when the centre screw is tightened fully.

Insert the two smaller side screws and tighten.

Remove the centre screw and use to mount whatever object you are installing.

GeeFix . The number 1 fixing. Super strong and versatile, like no other fixing.

Heavy Duty Plasterboard Fixings



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