Keep Calm and Carry on with Britain’s Homegrown Cavity Wall Fixing

The allure of the “Made in Britain” moniker has flourished in the age of globalized trade and production with a recent Nielsen study reporting that 60% of UK consumers cited country of origin as one of the most important factors in brand choice.  So, if you’re part of this 60%, and you haven’t found a plasterboard fixing that is up to the job, keep calm and carry on…you might want to give GeeFix a closer look.


The fixings were designed by a plumber in his North Shropshire workshop in 2015.  His designs materialized through locally made tooling, which in turn is used by a Shropshire based injection moulding company to manufacture the plugs and backplates that have become a staple for DIYers and tradespeople alike. The fixings are packaged and distributed by GeeFix Limited, a family-run business that uses just a little help from the resident dogs bodies.

Gary in workshop

Gary in his workshop


Duster packing

You want me to pack more?! You’re having a laugh!


Sleepy golden retriever

Someone’s worn out after a busy day packing


Union Jack

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