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Articles about cavity wall fixings from GeeFix – the ultimate heavy duty plasterboard fixings, cavity wall / drywall anchors for heavy objects.

moon shaped shelf

Fixing a shelf to plasterboard

A common theme across our review portfolio, is the GeeFix plasterboard fixing’s market niche. As one recent reviewer on Amazon puts it, the GeeFix is “not for just any hanging, but when you’ve got a load to hand, there is no competitor to GeeFix out there.” Certainly overkill for small installations, such as picture hooks, […]

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geefix drywall anchor

How to Fix a Curtain Pole onto a Plasterboard Wall

Putting up a curtain pole on plasterboard wall can be a problem, so we are always glad to hear from customers who find that GeeFix fixings do the job! Dave came across our website and after reading the independent reviews decided to try out our fixings to mount two curtain rails and two heavy mirrors […]

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mirror On Wall

How to hang a heavy mirror on a plaster wall

To hang a heavy mirror on plasterboard walls is easy with GeeFix.   You will need a picture hook such as these below and one GeeFix fixing per bracket.                                   Method of installation for mirrors or pictures Drill a 25mm hole in […]

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Lath & Plaster

Lath and Plaster Cavity Walls

What is lath and plaster? Lath and plaster is a building process used to finish mainly interior walls and ceilings in Canada and the USA until the late 1950s. After the 1950s, drywall began to replace the lath and plaster process in the USA . In the UK, lath and plaster was often used for […]

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plasterboard fixings for heavy objects

Plasterboard Fixings for Heavy Objects

GeeFix are the perfect plasterboard fixings for heavy objects. Whether you are a building trade professional or a keen DIYer, you’ll know that the plasterboard fixings available had serious limitations. Some of them are tricky to fix, some are prone to fail, and most just aren’t reliable enough for heavy objects, until now!  GeeFix is […]

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TV Mounting on Plasterboard

Mounting TVs on Plasterboard – Review

We are always interested to hear how the GeeFix cavity wall fixings perform on the job, and we appreciate those customers that drop us a line to share photographs of how GeeFix has helped them solve the age old problem of securing heavy items to walls in the absence of studwork. We received some fantastic […]

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TV Mounted on Plasterboard with GeeFix

Fixing a TV to a Plasterboard Wall

Many people ask the question “Can I put TV on a plasterboard wall?”  The answer is yes you can fix a TV to a plasterboard wall.  Hanging a TV on a plasterboard wall is possible even if the TV is very large and heavy. Fixing a heavy TV to plasterboard wall is easy with GeeFix.  […]

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